Most colleges and universities in the United States only allow students to declare a major in zoology during their graduate level studies. Students who are interested in a BSc in zoology or bachelors in zoology degree program may need to enroll in a degree program overseas and then transfer their credits over if they choose to complete a master's degree and doctoral degree program in the U.S. Colleges and universities that do offer a BSc in zoology typically train students with introductory level courses and some research and lab work. Most of these courses are preparatory courses for graduate level studies.

Preparing for a Bachelors in Zoology Degree Program

It's important to note that the majority of employers in the United States who hire zoologists, animal science technicians and other zoology-related positions only want candidates who have a master's degree in zoology plus several years of experience, or at least a doctoral degree in zoology. If you are interested in becoming a zoologist or want to work in the research field, a BSc in zoology will not be enough to meet education requirements for these positions.

If you do decide to enroll in a zoology degree program, you will need to be very strong in subjects such as math, science, animal sciences, biology and physics. Consider taking advanced courses during high school and remedial courses over the summer before you enroll in the BSc in zoology degree program. This can help you excel in your studies and will also help you when you enter a master's degree or doctoral degree program.

Applying for a BSc in Zoology

Enrollment requirements for a BSc in zoology vary by school and typically require you to have high grades in mathematics, science and English. You must have consistently high grades in core subjects such as chemistry, psychology, physics and environmental science in order to be considered for the BSc in zoology program. Selection is typically based on grades, your grade point average, letters of recommendation and a personal statement you submit on your official college application.

Completing a Bachelors in Zoology Degree Program

Most bachelors in zoology degree programs are four years in length and many students enter a master's degree program shortly after graduation. If you are considering employment in the field in the United States, remember that you will need more training and experience beyond a BSc in zoology. Most employers are looking for candidates who have at least a graduate degree in zoology, and are especially interested in those who have specialized in a certain field and have years of work experience.

Since your bachelors in zoology degree program won't give you many opportunities for lab work and research studies, it's imperative that you seek additional training and education at the graduate level. Most graduate degree programs take one to two years to complete, and will prepare you for a doctoral degree program. Ultimately, the BSc in zoology degree can provide you with a basic education or focus for your studies as you move through the ten-plus year educational track to become a zoologist or research scientists.