When you have completed a doctoral degree in zoology, you will be able to apply for some attractive positions in the research and teaching field. Zoology jobs include research assistant positions, laboratory technicians and zoo keeping. The types of zoology jobs you are eligible to apply for will depend on your academic background, the level of training you've received at zoology university, and any work experience or internships you have completed while in school. Some zoology colleges help students find jobs after graduation and may provide counseling to explore various types of zoology careers.

Finding Jobs in Zoology

Many zoology jobs are listed on the job openings section of area zoos, aquariums and related organizations. You can also find jobs in zoology listed on association websites such as the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Keep in mind that many environmental agencies and government organizations also hire zoologists, research scientists and lab technicians on a regular basis. You can check these organizations' websites to see listings for different types of zoology careers and related positions.

Another way to find jobs in zoology is to speak with a career counselor at the college or university where you finished, or are finishing, your zoology degree. Some college advisors can assist you with finding jobs in this field, and even provide a letter of recommendation for zoology jobs you end up applying for.

Some other places to find zoology jobs include:

  • The Society for Conservation Biology
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • American Zoo and Aquarium Association
  • National Wildlife Foundation
  • North American Environmental Education Association
  • American Fisheries Society

Check with your local state parks, conservation centers and wildlife rehabilitation centers to find out if they offer positions for qualified zoologists.

Zoologist Job Description

Zoology university programs can prepare students for a wide variety of careers in several fields including animal behavioral studies, cell biology, marine biology, fish culture and entomology amongst others. Students attending a zoology university can attend career fairs and career counseling sessions on campus to learn about different career paths and options after graduation. Almost all research and teaching positions require the student to complete a doctoral degree from an accredited zoology university. Lab assistant and technician positions typically require at least a graduate degree, or an undergraduate degree with training in a certain specialization.

Attending Zoology University

If you choose to explore zoology careers as a zoologist, you will need to review the zoologist job description in detail and make sure you fulfill all of the requirements. Some agencies and organizations that hire zoologists will post a zoologist job description on their website or share information at a career fare. You can also find a lot of this information online.

Zoologists are often called biological scientists for animals, because they are responsible for studying the habits, behaviors and interactions of different species, examining genetic codes of various animals, and for conducting research experiments and studies. Zoology jobs are readily available in the several areas such as agricultural organizations, biological supply houses that sell various species of animals, organizations committed to conservation, and wildlife management organizations. Some zoology jobs are available in zoos, and employees working in this type of setting may be responsible for conducting scientific experiments and research studies on site.

The majority of jobs in zoology require students to have a doctoral degree. If you are interested in working as a biological technician, you may be able to apply for such a position with a graduate degree. When completing undergraduate studies, you will need to major in zoology and consider specializing in a certain field, such as embryology, genetics or a certain species.

Most employers will not list wage and salary information in the zoology job description, so you may need to do some research to find out what the salary range for zoology careers is in your state and region. Salaries are typically dependent on the location of the job site, the extent of education you have completed and work experience.